Photography / Film

Fashion, still life/ products, invisible mannequins, cut outs, accessories, packaging, creative photography, look books, model shots, creative video, catwalk video, short films, 3.D video, interview video, event photography and video

E Commerce Solutions

Mannequin photography, cut-out photography, pack shots, graphic design, marketing, advertising, affiliates, branding/sales strategy, look-books, SEO and e-commerce website design and build.


Photography, creative direction, budgets, catering, location scouting, video, marketing, brand identity, campaigns, pr, art buying, catering, set building, accommodation, transfers, carnets, equipment/ lighting hire, hair and make-up teams, casting, styling, props, overseas services, studios, advertising, social networking.


Fashion shows, music concerts, D.Jā€™s, bands and artists, conferences, expos, road shows, music management, live shows, co-ordinate events, invites, staging, lighting, sound, guest lists, set design, staffing, visual effects, presenters, event photography, event videography, celebrities, after show parties, print media and advertising, flyer design, room design, catering, transportation, hair and make-up teams, models, stylists, social networking.

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